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Is The Ps5 Worth Buying Product Review 0

Is the PS5 Worth Buying – Product Review

The PS5 not only boasts 4K gaming capabilities, but it also includes sophisticated haptics, a fast SSD, and realistic 3D audio. These features, as well as others, combine to create a system that is genuinely ready for next-generation, or even current-generation, gaming. There is one little snag: the console is rather large and may not interest everyone. However, it’s a fascinating system that’s definitely worth buying.

Walmarts Alphabot 0

Walmart Robots Process Orders 10 Times Faster Than Humans

The world’s largest retailer is actively testing the system of automatic processing of online orders. While the technology is used only in a small warehouse in the town of Salem, NH, it can provide the company an advantage over competitors, analysts say. The sphere of trade and delivery of goods is becoming increasingly high-tech. In order to keep up with competitors, even the largest retailers must change. For example, Walmart, the US trade leader, has been actively testing a robotic approach to processing online orders for several months. The Alphabot pilot system, which Business Insider talks about, is being tested in...

Is The Person In The Video Behind The Wall 0

Is It Possible to Determine the Identity of a person through walls?

Researchers at the University of Santa Barbara have managed to create a system of identification through Wi-Fi waves and behind a door or wall. Until then, it was possible to detect a presence but not to identify a person. There are already systems, such as RF Capture, that can see through the walls or more precisely to distinguish the silhouette of a person through the reflection of waves. It’s a technique to detect the presence of a person, but nothing more. Researchers at the University of California at Santa Barbara have decided to push the system even further by using...

Facebook Taking Measures To Protect 2020 Presidential Election 0

How Facebook is taking significant steps to protect the US Presidential Election of 2020

Mark Zuckerberg’s company no longer wants to be accused of being manipulated during an election. Facebook announced numerous measures to prevent the spread of false electoral information in 2020. Facebook on Thursday presented investors with its plan to “protect the democratic process” of the 2020 US elections, including a series of initiatives already unveiled in October after foiling a new Russian attempt to manipulate public opinion. Facebook admits that the US presidential election of 2016 was a real fiasco and now plans to fight against misinformation and threats of foreign interference, including better protection of the accounts of candidates and...

Is Traveling To Another Star In Our Galaxy Possible 0

Is Traveling to Another Star in our Galaxy Possible?

Feasibility Analysis If we can expand into the entire universe, why worry about there are too many people on the planet? Early Europe solved its population problem by transporting its surplus population to the New World. Why can’t we continue this process? Our space program has pointed out the road. “This possibility is often raised at public gatherings. In 1958, four years after the establishment of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), its congressional guardian, the Science and Space Committee, also supported space migration as the final solution to the “population explosion” problem.  How many planets are there to live...