Welcome to The Article Binge (TheArticleBinge.com). I am a senior level software engineer. And I aim to provide one day the highest quality UX/UI for our readers. Currently we are using a minimally viable theme to index articles we are in the process of writing, as we continue our development approach with the goal to relaunch a beautiful theme on our website.

As we are starting out, we aim to bring you comprehensive buying guides to some of the most popular consumer products. We aim to develop categories related to Consumer Product Reviews, SaaS Software Reviews, and Large Company Reviews. Please stay tuned for further updates to our UX/UI presentation of information.

At this time we are not accepting Comments on our blog, we are not presenting any advertising, and we maintain no affiliate accounts that we intend to direct traffic to. This may change in the future, however if we go this route, we plan to build an intuitive UX/UI present any advertising in the utmost professional and non-distracting manner.

Thank you for your support on our new project.